About Lauren

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Aficionado

I am passionate about everything nutrition and I genuinely love people. Having a career where I am able to combine the two, helping people achieve their goals and live their personal best with that certain quality of life they desire — well that — makes me very happy, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Right in front of my eyes I have witnessed nutrition counseling transform people’s lives. I have always considered myself fortunate that I have a career that allows me to combine my passions – nutrition and people. It is amazing to see how new ways of thinking about food and eating translates into other areas of life.

I am a busy working mom (and wife) with two young daughters, and am active in my community. I ‘get’ how hectic and demanding life can be. My friends ask me how I do it – juggle it all and never seem to be stressed or flounder with everything on my plate (operative word “seem”).

I love sharing my strategies, tools and secrets to live a positive, healthy, and full life. I have a knack for developing systems to make living healthy as simple as possible. My dream is to inspire others to think differently, open their minds to new ideas and maybe try what has worked for me and countless of others change the way they eat, think, and live.

Revolutionizing People’s Lives

I have a flair for looking at life from all angles and have helped clients get through life’s obstacles combining this perspective with strategies that work and are tailored to each of them, starting with “retraining their brain”. I teach clients how to think differently about food, their bodies and even their lives.

Clients tell me their lives are lighter, they feel liberated and life gets better.

Over the years, people have told me that I have discovered things they have overlooked and by doing so they attained lifelong success in other areas of their lives. This is a something that people recognize that not one of the many diets or plans they had tried before had even touched on.

I love that I get to help people think differently about food, the way they eat, improve their health, find freedom in their body and food choices, and revitalize their lives so they can live their personal best.

The Blog

I have had the opportunity to change the lives’ of my clients through nutrition and lifestyle counseling. The accomplishments that my clients achieved have in turn allowed my practice to grow and my business to flourish. Over the years two things became clear, the first, the obsession with dieting was mounting and the number of people dieting seemed to be growing exponentially. No one was protected from the perils of dieting and it was permeating every age group and both genders. The second, even though I was able to help people overcome their disordered eating, eating disorders, and help people lose weight in my office — one-on-one — I wasn’t able to prevent the overall cause or the bigger problem and provide a panacea to the dieting epidemic.

In my office I was limited to helping one person at a time. Now I have taken my counseling from the confines of the four walls of my office to a broader audience in the form of a blog.
The purpose of this blog is to help you help yourself and not rely on me or anyone else for the answers that only you know. I promise to share with you all of the information, tools and strategies that I have gathered throughout the years that have proven to work with the thousands of clients who have not only achieved but maintained their personal lifestyle, health and weight management goals.

Any and all information that I share will be for your best interest and not mine and to promote optimal nutrition, health and your well-being both physical and emotional. My role as a nutritionist has always been to give my clients the tools they need to make their own healthy decisions with confidence with ease. I am thrilled to be able to bring my office to you.

Professional Training

Before receiving my clinical dietetic training from New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical College and achieving the rigorous requirements for a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I earned a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science from New York University.
My work has given me the opportunity to work with professional and recreational athletes, stay at home moms, busy professionals and their families. I have helped well over a thousand clients lose weight, dramatically improve their health, recover from life-threatening eating disorders and achieve inner peace with food and their bodies.

I am very active in the surrounding communication media as an advocate for healthy eating and the promotion of a positive self-image. This includes writing for many national health and nutrition publications: People Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Everyday Health, (201) Magazine, The Bergen Record, and appearing on news broadcasts such as CBS, Channel 11 New and NY1 as well as News 12 New Jersey as a leading nutrition authority.

I regularly give presentations at corporate events and have conducted numerous corporate wellness programs that have achieved multiple positive outcomes and increased employee productivity.

As part of my passion to promote self-esteem in young women I pioneered a program at The Chapin School for Girls in New York City called the Healthy Eating Committee dedicated to educating young women on eating healthy and body acceptance while preventing eating disorders.